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A guide to the delivery of Covid-19 secure events

Beings Digital Ltd

Beings Digital Ltd wanted to create an e-learning module based around the current guidance to deliver a covid-19 secure event.  They wanted this to be a high specification module that would be available to staff working on live events to explain how to plan, build and host a live event.

The e-learning was gamified using learning points followed by questions where learners could choose from a Good, Better or Best option to make their event covid-19 secure.  Points were added to the learner’s overall score and converted into a % covid-19 secure event.

Understanding and improving wellbeing for charities

What Works Centre for Wellbeing

The What Works Centre for Wellbeing works with universities and think tanks to produce evidence on what works to improve wellbeing. They are independent, and have partnerships across government, charity, business, and higher education. Their focus is on credible, relevant, and well communicated information.

They have been funded by the lottery to develop a free e-learning for charity staff across the UK who want to understand more about wellbeing (what it is, how to measure it, examples of where it can be applied in different contexts).

Analytical Problem Solving

The Openside Group

Openside Group design and deliver intensive, face to face, interactive programmes that develop the critical skills and behaviours required in professional services.  These have been delivered both nationally and internationally.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic Openside Group have successfully moved these programmes online and, using available technology, have created synchronous face to face delivery with break out rooms for exercises and group discussion.

The new requirement is to create ascynchronous e-learning beginning with the Analytical Problem solving content.


Shaw Healthcare

Shaw healthcare (Group) Ltd would like to create an e-learning module based around mentoring within Shaw healthcare.

This module will cover two main streams of mentoring within Shaw; New employees and for the Care Certificate.

Currently, practical elements of mentoring are covered in workshops but these are not very well attended.  It is the aim of this e-learning that learners gain an understanding of the importance of mentoring prior to attending these workshops.

What they said

Working with Lisa has been really easy –she quickly established what I wanted from the elearning modules and captured the look and feel we were hoping for in the final presentation.  I’m really delighted with the final modules and feel very proud to have these among our elearning suite.

Zahra Conway, Shaw Healthcare

Mental health awareness in the workplace

Minds that Work

The Minds That Work team wanted to develop a pragmatic course designed as an introduction to mental health for employees, and front-line teams to understand how they can look after their own mental health and how they can safely support others in the workplace, with practical tips.

What they said

Lisa’s organisational skills and sense of calm were so valuable throughout the project and really kept us on track. She also respected our needs and numerous questions. I particularly love how she gave me the gentle but direct and necessary nudge when I started to make things more complicated and time-consuming. I never considered myself a perfectionist but clearly I have tendencies in certain circumstances! Thanks to her we not only have a professional, engaging product, but one that is live.

Emma Saccomani, Minds that Work Australia

Human factors application for surgical leaders

Royal College of Surgeons

In this short module, authors John Hardie and Peter Brennan with contributions from Human Factors Specialist Dr Steve Jarvis, introduce human factors, or HF, for surgical leaders. It’s a snapshot of principles that may be used by the clinical, surgical leader in order to improve their own, and their team’s performance.

HF interventions that have improved patient safety will already be familiar, for example, the WHO checklist. Some surgeons may read the content of this module as being ‘common sense’ or feel that they have developed these techniques through experience as part of their practice, but perhaps under another label. To others, HF may be new territory.

The Royal College of Surgeons hope this short introduction will stimulate surgical leaders to reflect on HF in their own practice, encourage investigation, and provide a window to further training.

Writing and review

Shine Bid Services

Shine Bid Services provide bid management training events for businesses – they have an open event every month which people can book on to and also provide bespoke training to companies on request. All of their training is based around the Shine Winning Masterplan – their methodology.

Bid Bootcamp is one of their events – it is a one day intensive course which covers all the aspects of managing a bid. In addition to this there are 10 core modules which Shine Bid Services plan make available online for a fee. The first module developed is ‘Writing and Review’. Shine Bid Services had already started work on this but were not satisfied with the quality of the output.

What they said

"Lisa proved to be a terrific person to work with. Her exceptional workflow, skills, creativity, and knowledge of instructional design inspire confidence. We chose the perfect consultant to help us develop our eLearning modules."

 Salia Mogensen, Shine Bid Services Ltd

Introduction to the judicial services sector

Richardson Bailey

Richardson Bailey are a recruitment agency who recruit ex-forces personnel into the judicial services industry. As part of that process, they wanted to have an element of awareness to aid that journey and decision making.

They had a large amount of raw content and were looking for advice and support in getting this into professional e-learning modules. The overall aim of the modules is to remove preconceptions about the industry and the perception of ‘baliffs’ who no longer exist. This is now a regulated industry with guidelines and legislation in place.

What they said

Lisa quickly got to grips with our industry and our brief and delivered an excellent set of e-learning, a clear and organised mechanism for working and communication with great results.

James Richardson, Criminal Justice Enforcement Adviser, Richardson Bailey

The Aspiring Manager

Bespoke Training and Development Ltd

Aspire(R) is an ILM accredited, highly interactive online management development programme.

I helped Bespoke Training and Development Ltd design and develop a new version which introduced new content including updated video and offiline activities to download.

Steve and Richard at Bespoke were fantastic to work with and the finished programme is now on the market.

What they said

Lisa's creativity, authoring expertise and project management were essential in creating an outstanding learning experience. Lisa brought much-needed attention to detail and focus on completion - and was very flexible and responsive throughout the project.

We have enjoyed our collaboration immensely and we are delighted with the results. We will certainly ask Lisa to support us with our next e-learning project.

Steve King, Director at Bespoke Learning and Development Ltd

Interview preparation


Chiumento provide outplacement support to delegates whose jobs are confirmed as redundant.  This service is almost invariably sponsored by a corporate client as part of the leaving package.

The objective for this project was to convert Chiumento’s existing ‘Learning Events’, delivered to their delegates in classroom format, into e-learning.  Their aim was to have a suite of e-learning, some of which would be webcast ‘fast classes’ - small bytes of advice -  and others webinars with a consultant delivering online.

Chiumento’s chosen subjects were Interview Preparation – one of the core and key elements, in their experience, within the job search process and Effective Networking.

What they said

From the very start Lisa listened to our requirements and then designed and built the modules into e-learning modules that we are extremely proud of. Lisa is great with managing the project from the start to finish and worked with us at every stage to ensure we were happy throughout the project and on track. I definitely recommend Lisa!

Frances Foster, Chiumento

Infection control

Royal Society for Public Health

Royal Society for Public Health are one of the oldest public health charities develiering education resources to support the public's health and wellbeing.  They currently have online courses covering health improvement, sleep, food safety and understanding gambling disorders.

Infection control is a short CPD course available free to RSPH members.

What they said

Thanks for all your hard work, I've just gone through the course and it looks great.

Melissa Lean, RSPH

Seal the deal - increasing your bargaining power


Walkgrove's series of 20 Ready to Go Fundamentals courses feature the characters Caru, Auran, Rub and Pras.  I acted as a member of the instructional design team to write short, fun modules with a serious message.

In 'Seal the Deal - Increasing your bargaining power' Rub is trying to sell his box number 7 for the best price.  Will you 'Seal the deal' at the right price so everyone is happy?

Business Continuity Management

Crisis Guardian

Crisis Guardian are Specialists in Resilience Awareness and Education.They create outstanding films, produce exceptional campaigns and devise targeted training resources that educate people on resiliency topics.

As instructional designer on this project, the brief was to equip the participants with the basic knowledge and understanding of how the adidas group approaches and practises Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management.

Based on a previously developed face to face course, app-like games were created to modify the classroom interactivity for e-learning.

What they said

Lisa embraced our brief for high levels of creativity and interactivity

Laura Thompson, Crisis Guardian

Microtest Nouveau

Research International

Developed in Lectora from an instructional design script provided by Research International, this e-learning teaches learners the trademarked product Microtest Nouveau for accurate sales forecasting.

What they said

Lisa is extremely professional and hardworking, keen to go beyond her remit to come up with inventive solutions to our training needs.

Stephen Taylor, Research International


Jane Sheehan

At the end of 2008 I met Jane Sheehan, the UK's leading footreader. Jane delivers a 2 day seminar called Solestry - the art of foot reading all over the UK as well as internationally. At the time, Jane had been looking for a way, not only to cut down on the amount of travelling she had to do but also for a way to make her seminar available to more people. An e-learning solution fitted the bill.

To make the e-learning as similar to attending one of Jane's seminars as possible, we recorded Jane delivering a seminar live and then incorporated these recordings into the e-learning seminar.

What they said

Lisa did what she said she would do, on time, no fuss

Jane Sheehan

Music theory

Christine Day

Christine and I were introduced in response to demand for a more concise, easy to understand, and fun method of music tuition as she had been astonished at the lack of stimulating resources for her pupils both online and in published workbooks and textbooks.

In collaboration, we worked on the storyboard and I then went on to develop Grade 1 in Lectora. Each lesson incorporates interactive screens with audio explanations, step-by-step instructions for notation and quizzes to test your newly acquired knowledge.

I have since taught Christine how to use Lectora herself and she has gone on to develop Grades 2 to 5.

What they said

Lisa creates high quality e-learning courses that are both creative and informative. She is enthusiastic, supportive and 100% reliable!

Christine Day

"She has a clear and organised mechanism for working and communication with great results"

James Richardson

Lias Emmington Course Designer

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