Live outside the box

Disneyworld FloridaThe pressure on instructional designers to keep coming up with new ideas for e-learning is immense.  You can’t do this if you spend all your time in your box.  Trust me; staring at the same four walls every minute of every day is not going to spark your imagination!

Get out in the world!  Go places, talk to people, experience things.

I really love writing scenarios but some days I can sit in front of a screen with a brand spanking new Word document open and write………………….


 I just can’t think of anything at all.


I love to cycle so when writer’s block strikes I’ll just get up from my desk, get my bike out and soon enough the stories are pouring out.  It doesn’t have to be for long but a change of scenery and some fresh air can be enough to spark some ideas and get my productivity back up to where it needs to be.

Change your scenery.  WiFi and a laptop make it easy to work in the garden or maybe you prefer a hotspot at your favourite coffee shop.  Whatever it is, don’t just sit there.

If you want to think outside the box you have to live outside the box!

Where do you go?

Published 4th June 2015

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