Instructional Design

What would you do if time and budget were unlimited?

Instructional Design is a collaborative process where I will work with you and your Subject Matter Experts to create the best e-learning possible. Many people limit their options right at the start; "We've only got this budget", "It has to be ready by the end of next month", "We have to use this development tool"...

That's OK, but start at the top and see what's possible within your constraints.

To begin we will need to produce a document that details everything about the e-learning

  • Who is the audience? What are they like? How do they like to learn?
  • What is the budget? How can we use that budget most effectively?
  • What will the learners want to get out of the learning?
  • How will the e-learning be developed? Is there a choice of development tools? What about maintenance in the future?
  • What are the technical specifications? What devices will the learners expect to use? Does the learning need to be tracked? Is there an assessment?
  • What content will be included? Does this exist already? Do you have Subject Matter Experts available?
  • What interactions are required/possible? Will the learning include audio or video?
  • What are the milestones in the process? Do you have a realistic project plan?
From this information we can begin to develop a storyboard, in the format of your choice, to show exactly how the learning will work. It doesn't have to be right first time but changes are easier to make at this point.

Get the storyboard right and the development is a much smoother process!

Do you need some ideas for an e-learning project?

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