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3 weeks to get you From A to D

Instructional design from a new perspective. Let’s work together for 3 weeks to finally come up with something different.

PowerPoint just doesn’t cut it any more

Design and structure is critical

The key to engaging learners is to provide something new and mentally stimulating. You know what learners don’t love?  Tired PowerPoints thrown into a learning platform.

The way to design and structure your learning is critical to actually securing the behaviour change you need. So let’s do things a bit differently.

Crack the Analysis and Design stages

The ADDIE model for instructional design

Crack the Analysis and Design stages

Whether you’re new to instructional design or have realised, oh crap, we don’t have the right skills in our team to do this, it’s always worth a refresh.

A - Analysis
D - Design
D - Development
I - Implementation
E - Evaluation

Most eLearning departments nail the final three. We’re here to crack the Analysis and Design stages. Together.

Dare to be different with guidance from an expert

Get my 20+ years of experience

An outside perspective is key to thinking a little differently. Remove the red tape and the “this is the way it’s always been done” mentality. Dare to do something different with the guidance of someone who has been there.

You get my 20+ years of experience without the hassle of recruiting someone to do the whole job for you. And I get to do my favourite part of the work.

What the program looks like

  • Week 1

    Discovery call

    Discovery call. Tell me about your project and we’ll begin analysing your project properly.

    I’ll take you through my eLearning analysis guide and send you off to get this completed before week 2.

  • Week 2

    Analysis call

    Analysis call. We’ll go through your eLearning analysis. I’ll provide helpful guidance around pitfalls and gaps. Plus we’ll narrow down your learning objectives.

    Your mission this week is to go back and fill in those gaps.

  • Week 3

    Brainstorm call

    Brainstorm call. This is my favourite part and where the fun really begins.

    Now you know what you want, we can brainstorm design ideas and work out what’s possible within your constraints.

  • Week 4

    Over to you

    Over to you. You make a start on your high level instructional design, send it to me, and I'll provide valuable feedback to help you on your way.

    Then you are ready to use your high level design to create your storyboard. And it’s time to hand it over to your eLearning developers to do what they do best.

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