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Instructional Design

What would you do if time and budget were unlimited?

This is always my start point. Instructional Design is a collaborative process where instructional designers work with you and your Subject Matter Experts to create the best e-learning possible. Many people limit their options right at the start; that's OK, but start at the top and see what's possible within your constraints.

Three ways to work with me


I will provide the full instructional design service for you including working with you to:

  • Analyse the project
  • Develop the high level design
  • Produce a final draft storyboard ready for your e-learning developer.

Prices are dependent on the size of the project based on a daily rate of £295.

To begin we will need to analyse your project and answer six basic questions

  • Why now? What is the background and context to your enquiry? What business goals(s) will your e-learning achieve?

  • Who is it for? Who is your target audience? How much time do they have to spend on e-learning? How do they like to learn?

  • What are your constraints? What is your budget for the project? When does your project need to be finished?

  • How do you want it to look and feel? Do you already have brand guidelines? What language and tone do you want to use? Will your e-learning need to be translated into other languages?

  • Will you include any media? Do you want to include voiceover? Do you want to include video? Do you want to include animation? Do you want to include downloadable resources?

  • Where will you host it? Do you already have a Learning Management System (LMS)? Do you want to host your e-learning from your website?

From this information we can brainstorm some ideas about the design of your e-learning and select the most appropriate interactions. From there we can develop a storyboard, in the format of your choice, to show exactly how the learning will work. It doesn't have to be right first time but changes are easier to make at this point.

Get the storyboard right and the development is a much smoother process!

Supported explorer

People have often asked me if I am able to teach what I do. My answer is usually that there are people and institutions who can do this much better than I can. 

What I can offer is to provide instructional design support for the analysis and design phase of a project. This is my favourite part of a project and I’d do it for free if I could. 

If you are fledgling e-learning department or an individual trying to create e-learning I can provide the benefit of over 20 years’ experience without having to employ someone or commit to having the whole job done for you.

Do you have an e-learning project ready to go but no idea where to start? Why not join my Supported Explorer programme?

Over 3 weeks we will work to fully analyse your e-learning to work out exactly what it is that you want.

What's included?

  • Week 1: Discovery call. Tell me all about your project and I'll get you started on analysing your project properly. We'll work through my e-learning analysis guide and your task for the rest of the week will be to get this as complete as it can be ready for week 2.

  • Week 2: Analysis call. I'll review your e-learning analysis and give you constructive feedback. I'll point out any potential pitfalls and anything you've missed. We'll narrow down your learning objectives to make them SMART. Your mission this week is to go back and fill those holes ready for week 3.

  • Week 3: Brainstorm call. This is my favourite part and where the fun can really start. Now you know what you want, we can brainstorm design ideas and work out what's possible within your constraints.

You'll complete the programme with a fully analysed project and high level design ready to hand over to your subject matter experts, instructional designers and e-learning developers.

All this for £450 payable in advance.

Contact me to arrange a start date at

Independent traveller

Are you ready to go it alone but just need a map to guide you?

Contact me for my free e-learning analysis guide.

Do you need some ideas for an e-learning project?

Email me to arrange a 15 minute brain storming session at