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It was while I was working at a major market research company in London that I began my e-learning career as a developer. They were moving more into e-learning and had purchased XStream RapidBuilder to do the job. It wasn't easy to use but we were really excited by the results. Moving on, they updated to Lectora and took me with them.

I've got more of a reputation as an Instructional Designer these days but really love the creative side of developing. I'm currently using Articulate Storyline 360. I also work with a great team of freelance developers who enable me to work on more than one project at a time. They have a wealth of experience and help me ensure that you get exactly what you were looking for.

E-learning development has a tried and tested process

Alpha Version

  • Proof read and tested by the developer for any technical issues

  • Tested by the client for content and useability

  • Feedback provided by the client

Beta Version

  • Alpha amendments made by the developer

  • Tested by sample users for content and useability

  • Feedback provided by users

Final Version

  • Reviewed by the client

  • Signed off by the client

How it works

Let's talk about your project

Do you need some ideas for an e-learning project?

Email me to arrange a 15 minute brain storming session at lisa@lisaemmington.com and receive a free scoping document

Begin your e-learning with a discussion

Ready to go ahead?

Ready to go ahead?

I’ll send you a quote along with my terms of business.

Just drop me an email to confirm the details and we’re ready to start.

What people say

From the very start, Lisa listened to our requirements

Keeping things on track

Keeping things on track

I’ll create a project plan in Trello and invite you to the board. You’ll be able to follow progress, get notifications for upcoming deadlines and access key documents.

By building in realistic design, development and review periods, we can keep your project delivery on time.

What people say

Lisa did what she said she would do, on time, no fuss

The big picture

The big picture

Working with your own content or researching the content for you, I’ll create a high level design of your e-learning. I’ll add this to a report which will detail everything about the project.

What people say

Lisa has a clear and organised mechanism for working and communication with great results

The look and feel

The look and feel

Working with some great graphic designers, I’ll take your brand and create some ideas for the screens you need.

I’ll make the most creative use of interactions to really bring your e-learning to life.

What people say

Lisa captured the look and feel we were hoping for in the final presentation

The storyboard

The storyboard

When the high level design and the look and feel are signed off I’ll write the storyboard. This document will include everything that will
appear and happen on each screen of the learning.

It can take up to 5 days for every hour of e-learning but is well worth the investment. I’ll give you two review cycles to make any changes so we can really nail down the content before it goes into development.

What people say

Lisa’s creativity and authoring expertise were essential in creating an outstanding learning experience

Building your e-learning

Building your e-learning

Following your signed off storyboard, I’ll develop your e-learning. This can take another 5 days for every hour of e-learning.

I’ll carry out QA on the e-learning before I send you a link for a review. If we’ve got the storyboard right, there should be very few amendments but I’ll give you two review cycles before delivering the final product.

What people say

Lisa creates high quality e-learning courses that are both creative and informative

Need help with development?
Get in touch at lisa@lisaemmington.com

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