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Chiumento Consulting Ltd

Chiumento provides outplacement support to delegates whose jobs are confirmed as redundant.  This service is almost invariably sponsored by a corporate client as part of the leaving package.  The objective for this project was to convert Chiumento’s existing ‘Learning Events’, delivered to their delegates in classroom format, into e-learning.  This project addressed the aspects defined as ‘premium’ e-learning delivered ‘on-demand’ at a time to suit the delegate.

Chiumento’s chosen subjects were Interview Preparation – one of the core and key elements, in their experience, within the job search process and Effective Networking.

The e-learning followed Chiumento Consulting Brand Guidelines and used photostory scenarios to allow the learner to experience the effects of poor preparation in a safe environment without negative consequences.

Chiumento Photo story

The Aspiring Manager

Aspire (R) is an ILM accredited, highly interactive, online management development programme aimed at those new to management or supervision and at those who are aspiring to such roles.  It was looking rather jaded and Bespoke Learning and Development Ltd were looking at options to make it a more engaging experience for learners.  I helped Bespoke design and develop a new version which introduced new content including updated video and offline activities to complete.

 Aspire Manager Demo

Seal the deal - increasing your bargaining power

Walkgrove's series of 20 Ready to Go Fundamentals courses feature the characters Caru, Auran, Rub and Pras.  I acted as a member of the instructional design team to write short, fun modules with a serious message.

In 'Seal the Deal - Increasing your bargaining power' Rub is trying to sell his box number 7 for the best price.  Will you 'Seal the deal' at the right price so everyone is happy?

Walkgrove - Seal the deal

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Tug of War - Overcoming Resistance to Change

In 'Tug of War - Overcoming Resistance to Change' the characters have to overcome the change from walking on two legs to wallking on four legs.  Who will see that change is good and who will be the best person to manage that change?

Walkgrove - Tug of War

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Fraud, Bribery and Corruption

Written for NHS Protect for all NHS staff, 'Fraud, Bribery and Corruption' features a series of radio play style scenarios.  Would you know what to do if you heard something you thought was suspicious?

NHS Protect - Fraud Bribery and Corruption

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Money Matters

'Money Matters' was developed in Lectora from an instructional design script supplied by TNS Global.  It was designed to help Market Research staff manage project budgets.

TNS - Money matters

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Lisa proved to be a terrific person to work with. Her exceptional workflow, skills, creativity, and knowledge of instructional design inspire confidence. We chose the perfect consultant to help us develop our eLearning modules.

Salia Mogensen

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