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Writing and Review

May 2018

Shine Bid Services provide bid management training events for businesses – they have an open event every month which people can book on to and also provide bespoke training to companies on request. All of their training is based around the Shine Winning Masterplan – their methodology.

Bid Bootcamp is one of their events – it is a one day intensive course which covers all the aspects of managing a bid. In addition to this there are 10 core modules which Shine Bid Services plan make available online for a fee. The first module developed is ‘Writing and Review’. Shine Bid Services had already started work on this but were not satisfied with the quality of the output.

E-Learning for your Judicial Services journey

June 2018

Richardson Bailey are a recruitment agency who recruit ex-forces personnel into the judicial services industry. As part of that process, they wanted to have an element of awareness to aid that journey and decision making.

They had a large amount of raw content and were looking for advice and support in getting this into professional e-learning modules. The overall aim of the modules is to remove preconceptions about the industry and the perception of ‘baliffs’ who no longer exist. This is now a regulated industry with guidelines and legislation in place.

The Aspiring Manager

August 2017

Aspire(R) is an ILM accredited, highly interactive online management development programme.

I helped Bespoke Training and Development Ltd design and develop a new version which introduced new content including updated video and offiline activities to download.

Steve and Richard at Bespoke were fantastic to work with and the finished programme is now on the market.

Chiumento HR Solutions

May 2017

Chiumento provide outplacement support to delegates whose jobs are confirmed as redundant.  This service is almost invariably sponsored by a corporate client as part of the leaving package.

The objective for this project was to convert Chiumento’s existing ‘Learning Events’, delivered to their delegates in classroom format, into e-learning.  Their aim was to have a suite of e-learning, some of which would be webcast ‘fast classes’ - small bytes of advice -  and others webinars with a consultant delivering online.

This project addressed the aspects defined as ‘premium’ e-learning delivered ‘on-demand’ at a time to suit the delegate.

Chiumento’s chosen subjects were Interview Preparation – one of the core and key elements, in their experience, within the job search process and Effective Networking.

Willis - A small dog with a big job to do

July 2016

This portfolio entry is my latest entry for the Articulate E-Learning Heroes Weekly Challenge and was inspired by my experience of socialising and training a puppy for Hearing Dogs for Deaf people.

The aim is to create an interactive story using photo collages. I hope this gives you an idea of the work that goes into training these wonderful dogs that go on to change a person's life.

Document and email security (e-learning for free)

March 2016

This portfolio entry takes its inspiration from a project I have been developing recently and an instructional design assessment I was asked to complete. Both of these used high quality photographic images but when I investigated the cost of producing something similar, it was very expensive.

So I set myself an additional challenge to see what I could create for free. The images included in this entry have mostly come from the very generous contributors to The Rapid e-Learning blog and the voice over was recorded using open source software Audacity. Otherwise, all it has cost is my time.

Where did the day go?

January 2016

This photo story is taken from a time management course originally developed for characters in Walkgrove Ltd's Fundamentals series. After analysing what wastes your time, this story explores the impact it could be having.

Take 10 minutes a day looking at social network sites in an average year...

10 minutes x 260 days - 2600 minutes

2600 minutes = 43.3. hours

43.3. hours - approximately 1 working week

Surprised? Shocked?

How many weeks do you waste? What else could you be doing with them?

Cycling Ergonomics

15th May 2015

This is my first entry in the Articulate E-Learning Heroes Weekly Challenge. The brief was to use sliders to demonstrate ergonomics and one suggestion was cycling. As a keen cyclist who hasn't yet been brave enough to use cleats (shoes that clip into the pedals), I thought I would remind myself how much easier it would be if I did. Many thanks to my patient husband for modelling for the photos.

Click here to view Cycling Ergonomics

Feedback from David Anderson: Welcome to the challenges, Lisa! Great use of sliders to breakdown cycling ergonomics. I just updated the recap t include your cool example.

Are you sure?

15th October 2015

This is an example of a hook into what could be a very dry subject for e-learning.

The course goes on to explain the importance of being insured properly, maintaining an inventory and correct storage of equipment referring back to the initial scenario throughout.

Creative button styles

2nd July 2015

This week's challenge was to have fun with buttons. To play with different shapes, styles and effects to show how you can use buttons creatively in e-learning. I have recently been working on a project where we have used icons as buttons to click and reveal Human Resources information.

We have a palm tree for leave entitlements, a wheelchair for disability entitlements and a baby's bottle for parental leave entitlements. I thought I'd take this a step further and see what could be done with changing images. These are hand drawn for a different kind of effect but they could always be designed by a graphic designer.

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