I've got a secret

You’ve finally made it as a freelancer and you want to let the world know.  But what’s this?  Your client wants you to say you work for them.Mannequin in Venetian costime

This is a tough one and my advice would always be to do what your client wants.  I do wonder however why they think this is necessary?

As a freelancer, you are only as good as your last project.  All we have is our reputation.  In some respects, we have to be better than permanently employed staff if we are to get repeat business.

I am sometimes given an email account to use when emailing on behalf of a client and this makes perfect sense.  All the emails are kept together and if something were to happen and you were unable to continue with a project, all your correspondence would be easily accessible.  It also makes you think about what you are writing.

But why the secrecy about my employment status?  I have ended up in some really awkward situations…

‘How long have you worked for ACME E-Learning?’

‘How is John Smith?’

‘What are your new offices like?’

It’s difficult but I hope I have always smiled and said the right thing at the time!  I’d really like to get to the point where all clients are happy to have me on their team as a freelancer and be open about it.

How about you?

Published 21st May 2015

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